Monday, May 23, 2011

TL082 Filter

Been messing with this thing all day. It's a very simple Highpass (sounds like one to me but what do I know?) Filter built around a TL082 Dual Op-Amp IC. It doesn't sound too bad (sound sample coming soon), but there is one problem: I can only run one or two things through it. Only a crappy 555 synth and a 555 opto-theremin work with this filter (and the theremin barely works through it). I was wondering if the kind folks out there in the internet could possibly help me out and let me know what the heck I'm doing wrong.

Here's the schematic:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been messing with this guitar pedal for a long long long long time. Not because it's an insanely complex circuit, just because I've been lazy. It's really simple, and really fun. It's based off an LM324 quad op amp chip and random parts I had laying around.

(1) LM324
(1) 100K Pot
(1) 10K Pot
(1) 4.7K Resistor

And obviously you need the standard 3PDT switch, in/out jacks, 9V battery clip/AC Jack and that kind of junk.


It's a little iffy. From my testing, when the battery is low, you don't get much fuzz from it. Build it, share it, have fun with it. If you have any mods, post them in the comments.

Listen to it here:
Fuzz Demo by GuyIncognito