Welcome to the Dylan Palme D.I.Y. shop! Here you can buy fully completed instruments and other gadgets, and you can also contact me for custom work. I accept cash, paypal (via the HOTH Shop), money order, and BitCoin. Don't know what BitCoin is? Check this out. If you're new to BitCoin, get some free one's daily!

To order with BitCoin, simple send me an email with what you want and I'll let you know how much it will cost using, seeing how the value changes constantly,  your shipping address, your BitCoin address, and send the BitCoins to the Dylan Palme D.I.Y. address: 14SWYt7DiqFrWX6YqjidWyUgRjBDJG3H1d 

For those of you who want to solder up your own contact mics here it is in kit form. Included in the kit is the peizoelectric transducer, a 1/4" female jack, and a short length of shielded cable. $7 PPD

Contact mics allow you to amplify all sorts of acoustic vibrations. From your guitar, to a slinky. Slap it on a speaker and it will amplify that too! View demo here. $10 PPD

Don't risk shorting out things that shouldn't be shorted out when circuit bending or other sorts of modifications. Colors vary. Learn how to build one here. $5 PPD

An awesome and simple fuzz box built for use with bass but works with guitar just fine. Check out a demo here. $40

Dylan Palme D.I.Y. Custom Shop
Other than the items listed above, I also take on commission work. This includes anything from circuit bending a toy you have that you don't want to wreck, to designing a custom synth or effect pedal. Contact me to discuss your idea!